1997 XYZZY Awards Winners

The winners were announced in a live, online ceremony on ifMUD: A MUD Forever Voyaging:

Best Game
Interstate Zero (Adam Cadre)

Best Writing
Sunset Over Savannah (Ivan Cockrum)

Best Story
Babel (Ian Finley)

Best Setting
A Bear's Night Out (David Dyte)

Best Puzzles
The Edifice (Lucian Smith)

Best NPCs
Frenetic Five vs. Sturm und Drang (Neil deMause)

Best Individual Puzzle
The language puzzle in The Edifice (Lucian Smith)

Best Individual NPC
Bob in She's Got a Thing for a Spring (Brent VanFossen)

Best Individual PC
Tracy Valencia from Interstate Zero (Adam Cadre)

Best Use of Medium
The Tempest (Graham Nelson)