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XYZZY Awards: Nominate Your Favorite Games of 2004

Yes, it's that time again: time to vote for the best IF games of the year in the annual XYZZY Awards. All games first released in 2004 are eligible.

Voting will be split into two rounds. The first round will select the nominees, the top five vote-getters in each category. There will then be a second round of voting to select from the nominees the winners, one in each category.

The rules are as follows:

Eligibility: All IF games publicly released during the year 2004 are eligible for the 2004 XYZZYs. A complete listing of all the eligible games (in alphabetical order) is given at the bottom of this page.

Voting: Anyone is eligible to vote. You may not vote twice. Authors may not vote for their own games. While it is suggested that you play as many of the eligible games as possible before casting your ballot, we're not going to get ridiculous here.

Categories: There are ten XYZZY categories this year: Best Game, Best Writing, Best Story, Best Setting, Best Puzzles, Best NPCs, Best Individual Puzzle, Best Individual NPC, Best Individual PC and Best Use of Medium. In the "individual" categories, vote for a particular NPC, PC, or puzzle; in the rest, vote for the game as a whole. Vote once in each category, then stop.

Deadline: The deadline for first-round voting is Sunday, February 13, 2005, at midnight Eastern Standard Time. Deadline for second-round voting is Wednesday, March 9th. More details about the online award ceremony itself are still to come!

Submit your ballot by filling out the online form below and pressing the Submit button. You may also send an e-mail to eileen.mullin@gmail.com by February 10.

And now, on with the first-round voting:



Best game:

Best writing:

Best story:

Best setting:

Best puzzles:

Best NPCs:

NPC stands for "non-player character"
Best individual puzzle:

Best individual NPC:

Best individual PC:

PC stands for "player character"
Best use of medium:

This award is meant to honor proficiency in use of the parser, default messages, and so on.

List of Eligible Games

5K Adventure, by Paul Allen Panks
8K Adventure, by Paul Allen Panks
A Beginning, by Johnicholas Hines
A Bet's a Bet, by Santa's Helper
A Day In The Life Of A Super Hero, by David Whyld (as davidw)
A Light's Tale, by Zach Flynn (as vbnz)
ADRIFT Maze, by Mystery
African Escape, by Ignazio Di Napoli
Agent 4-F From Mars, by Michael Arnaud (as Marno)
Alesian Plains, by Paul Allen Panks
All Things Devours, by "half sick of shadows"
Allkrieg, by Maik Beta
Amnesia Kid, by Anonymous
Amusement Park, by Penczer Attila (as Algol)
An Evening With The Evil Chicken Of Doom, by Mel S
And So It Goes, by Adam Conover
Annihilation of Think.com, by Adam Dundas
Annoyotron IV: Affrontotron, by Joe Mason
ARGH's Great Escape, by Mystery
At the Top of Your Game, by Daniel Freas
Auden's Eden, by Tommy Herbert
Aznardrilo, by Grendel
Azteca, by Howard A. Sherman
B-Venture, by Paul Allen Panks
Back to Life... Unfortunately, by David Whyld
Barney (a.k.a. Barney's Problem), by David Whyld
Bellclap, by Tommy Herbert
Blink, by Ian Waddell
Blue Chairs, by Chris Klimas
Blue Sky, by Hans Fugal
Breakout, by Grimm Sharlak
Briefcase, by Woodfish
British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions, by Lucilla Frost
Buried Alive, by David Whyld
C32 Contest 2004, by Dave Bernazzani
Casino, by Anonymous
Cat Burglar, by Sly Dog
Catseye, by Dave Bernazzani
Choose Your Own..., by David Whyld
Chronicle Play Torn, by Penczer Attila (as Algol)
Community Policing, by Sly Dog
Confession, by Mystery
Conversation with a Picture, by Eva Vikstrom
Cranial Pounding, by Simmon Keith Barney
Crisis Demográfica en la Aldea de los Pitufos, by Grendel
Crossworlds Part 1 - Normville, by BBBen
Crossworlds Part 2 - The Flower Opens, by BBBen
Cruel and Hilarious Punishment, by Mel S
Dark Fantasy, by Sly Dog
Darkness, by Richard Otter (as rotter)
Dead Reckoning, by David Whyld
Dear Diary 2 - Prom Night, by Wotan-Anubis
Deklinator, by Chris Menear
Der 2. Mai, by Ferenz Ludewig
Der Wolf und das Mädchen, by Rolf Lautenbach
Die 5. Kammer, by Tobias Heinzen
Die Dichter und der Henker, by Florian Edlbauer (was anonymous)
Die Vollkommene Masse, by Alice Merridew
Digging thru Doctrine of the Dead, by Simmon Keith Barney
Dogs, by Dennis Merritt
Download, by Oliver Berse
Downtown Train, by Owen Lockett
Duck World, by Dennis Merritt
Dunwich, by Marijn Haverbeke
El Archipiélago, by Depresiv
Endgame, by Samuel T. Denton
Endgame, by Howard A. Sherman
Enterprise, by Sam Write
Eric The Power-Mad Dungeon Master, by Mark Arenz
Escape from Auriga, by Florin Tomescu
Escape Pod, by LoveLetterstoLove
ETO, by Ian Waddell (Red Fox)
Fade to Black, by Jake Wildstrom
Fairlight Castle, by Paul Allen Panks
Fantasy, by Vachon
Filthy Bill Does Everyone But His Mother, by Zachinz
Flametop, by David J. Malaguti
Freshman Orientation, by Villainy
Future Boy!, by Kent Tessman
Gamlet, by Tomasz Pudlo
George Bush and the PDB, by Curt Siffert
Get Magazine. Open Magazine. Read Article., by Simon Scott
Get Out of The House!, by Steve Lingle
Get Treasure For Trabula, by David Good (as DuoDave)
Getting Back To Sleep, by Patrick Evans (as IceDragon)
Getting laid in all the wrong places, by Germ_Waster
Ghost Justice, by Purple Dragon
Ghost Story, by Purple Dragon
Goblin Hunt, by David Whyld
Goose, Egg, Badger, by Brian Rapp
Gotcha, by Ruok
Gumball Gary Leaves The House, by Tohm
Guss's Death, by Kyle Frownfelter
Habeas Dorkus, by Adult Swim
Hammurabi, by Ron Moore
Handy Man, by Lamdangle
Handyman, by Delaflunk
Hell in Highwater, by J. Arthur
Hoe-down in Ho-town, by S. Welland
Hotel Noir, by Eva Vikstroem
I Must Play, by Geoff Fortytwo
I'm Gonna Take You To The Video Bar!, by James Mitchelhill
Ice Cream, by Reelyor
Identity, by Dave Bernazzani
IF Quake, by Jason Bergman
Im Labyrinth, by Jonas Engels
ImagiDroids, by Woodfish
Intro to Jabberwocky, by Gregory Weir
Jailbreak Bob, by David Whyld
Janey's Diary, by BBBen
Jazz auf Tegemis, by Joerg Rosenbauer
Jet-Blue, by Paul T. Johnson
Jobs for Antioch!, by A O Muñiz
Kenny's Christmas Presents, by Sam
Killer Syringe, by Patrick Roberts
Kurusu City, by Kevin Venzke
La cara oculta de la luna, by KRAC
La Mort Pour Seul Destin, by JB Ferrant
La Porta e la memoria, by Luca Bertaiola
Last Ride of the Night, by Mordechai Shinefield
Late Work, by Vachon
Locura: El Sentido de la Existencia, by Vaky
Los Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen: El Cuervo de la Tormenta, by Josep Coletas Caubet
Los Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen: Misterio en la Catedral, by Josep Coletas Caubet
Lost Souls, by Mel S
Loving Family, by Bill Carroll
Luminous Horizon, by Paul O'Brian
Magocracy, by Anton Joseph Rheaume (as Scarybug)
Making the Grade, by Sly Dog
Midsomer Manor, by Sly Dog
Mingsheng, by Deane Saunders
Mission from Short, by Jessica Knoch and Jen Maddox
Moonglow, by Dave Bernazzani
Mount Voluptuous, by Christopher Cole
Murder at the Aero Club, by Penny Wyatt
Nazy Jones e i dittatori dell'arca perduta, by Lazzara and Paterniti
Necrotic Drift, by Robb Sherwin
Ninja v1.30, by Paul Allen Panks
Normville High, by BBBen
On The Cross, by Ian Kaleb
On Time, by Letta
Order, by John Evans
Paint!!!, by David Whyld
Paparazzi, by EV
Parlour, by A. Ninny
Passenger, by Niall Richard Murphy
Pool Party, by Christopher Cole and A. Bomire
Portals, by Dennis Merritt
Portrait, by Eva Vikstrom
Powerplay, by Sly Dog
Practice Procedures, by Sly Dog
Private Teacher, by Vachon
PTBAD3: A Mystery, by Jonathan Berman (as Xorax)
PTBAD4: How the Record Got Its Groove Back, by Jonathan Berman (as Xorax)
Puerto Rico, by J. Robinson Wheeler
Rapina in famiglia, by Francesco Cordella
Recess: the Golden Kickball, by Quest Kid
Redeye, by John Pitchers
Reefer Island, by Steve Barrera
Reflections, by Timberwulf
Remakorp, by Lula
ReminiscenciaRol, by Aryekaix
Renuntio, by Expio
Return to Ditch Day, by Michael J. Roberts
Reunion, by Thomas Hainscho
Roadside Adventure, by Kevin Venzke
Ruined Robots, by Gregory Dudek, Natasha Dudek, and Nicholas Dudek (as nanag_d)
Runes, by Deane Saunders
Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned, by One-eyed Jack
Santa's Little Helper, by A. Bomire
Saturday Night, by Uefgol
Sexbot, by Cauldron
Shadrick's Travels, by Mystery
Shadrick's Underground Adventures, by Mystery
Shards of Memory, by David Whyld
Shred 'Em, by David Good (as DuoDave)
Sigurd Fafnesbane, by Eva Vikstrom
Snakes and Ladders, by Ken Franklin
Solid Leather, by Simmon Keith
Solitary, by Kahlan
Sommeril, by H. Lee Parten (as Sfzapgun)
Splashdown, by Paul J. Furio
Square Circle, by Eric Eve
Stack Overflow, by Timofei Shatrov
Sting of the Wasp, by Jason Devlin
Storforsen, by Eva Vikström
Stowaway, by Johnny Freebase
Swanglass, by Yoon Ha Lee
T.I.M.E., by Christopher Coonce-Ewing
Tears of a tough man, by Bruce Humphrey
The Act of Misdirection, by Callico Harrison
The ADRIFT Project : Classified, by Mystery
The Amulet, by Daniel Hielbert (as Tech)
The Battle of Walcot Keep, by Steve Breslin with Eric Eve and Lindsey Hair, illustrated by Michael Bechard
The Big Scoop, by Johan Berntsson
The Burbs, by Anonymous
The Cabal, by Stephen Bond
The Cat in the Tree, by Reelyor
The Corruption of Alex, by Dr FanFic
The Curse of Dragon Shrine, by Mystery
The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin
The Fire Tower, by Jacqueline A. Lott
The Golden French Fry, by Paul Allen Panks
The Great Xavio, by Reese Warner
The Homework of Little Carl Gauss, by Stefano Gaburri
The Isle of the Cult, by Rune Berg
The Last Hour, by Roberto Grassi
The Legend of Zelda: Legacy of a Princess, by Hiyazuki Sakamora (as Red Jett)
The Magic Show, by Jason Mac Innes
The Mansion, by Nick Dablin
The Melarkian, by Paul Allen Panks
The Murder of Jack Morely, by Mystery
The Mystery of the Darkhaven Caves, by David Whyld
The Old Church, by Eva vikstrom
The Orion Agenda, by Ryan Weisenberger
The Oval Office, by Faraday
The Prostitute, by Anonymous Martian
The Quest for Spam, by Whatever
The Quest for Waitomo Cave, by Paul Allen Panks
The Quest of the Golden Banana, by Eric Eve
The Realm, by Michael Sheldon
The Reunion, by Moriarty
The Rise of the Lost, by XO Play
The Sleep Over, by BBBen
The Stars Are Right, by Michael Martin
The Unlikely Harem Girl, Prologue, by BlueGreen
Things, by Sam Kabo Ashwell and Jacqueline A. Lott
This is a test of several forms combat in IF., by James Mallette
Ticket to No Where, by Richard Otter
Time Place People Water Way, by Adam Conover
To Score or Not To Score, by David Whyld
Toeing the Line, by Gregory Weir
Topaz, by Woodfish
Trading Punches, Part 1 of The Convergence Saga, by Mike Snyder (as Sidney Merk)
Truck, by Sly Dog
Turnberry Manor, by Delaflunk
Turning Point, by Robert Rafgon
Tutor, by Uefgol
Twilight of the Dogs, by Jake Wildstrom
Typo, by Peter Seebach and Kevin Lynn
Un paseo por Faenor, by IO Group
Una pequeña historia de Navidad, by Lenko
Undefined, by 30otsix
Unterwelt, by Christoph Oleschinski
Vagabond, by Scott Meridien (as Captain Obvious)
Veteran Enterprise, by Robert Rafgon
Villa Morgana, by Paolo Lucchesi
War of Hyrule Castle, by Sam
Wax Worx, by Eric Mayer
We Are Coming to Get You!, by Richard Otter (as rotter)
Where Are My Keys?, by Richard Otter (as rotter)
Who Created That Monster?, by N. B. Horvath
Woof, by Roberto Grassi
Wreckage, by Daniel Hiebert (as Tech)
Yay Games, by David Welbourn
Zara's House, by Xilef
Zero, by William A. Tilli
Zero One, by Edward Plant (as Shed)
Zombie Cow, by Amber Rollins-Walker
Zombies Are Cool, but Not So Cool When They're Eating Your Head, by Mel S
Zombies!, by Chris Cenotti
Zwei Jahre später, by Florian Edlbauer

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